Connections - the history of my family.

This has been a huge undertaking, consuming 50 years of study, juxtaposition between work and hobbies and family commitments.

Please feel free to keep in touch. And suggest amendments and suggest changes wherever you think it is needed.


Each of our main family lines has its own tab above. Other families are filed under the main family that they are related to.  Not all the families are there. The family tree is at ancestry.com, but you need a subscription to see it.

While I remain compos mentis, please feel free to ask for a pdf copy of specific family histories.

Christopher Dixon


This was going to consist of webpages of all the family members but will Wix will only allow me to create 100 pages.  I reached that far too quickly.

Instead I wil have to create dynamic web pages and that will take some time, so I have taken out a subscription with Designrr to create E Books.  The Bliss family is the first..

So meantime here are the current documents that will need to be reviewed before they are uploaded into an E-Book format