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Jane 'Jinny' Evans 1905 -

Jane Evans  known as Jinny born 10 April 1905. At the age of 18 she had a daughter, Betty - see below. Jinny had to find work away from home and moved to the Doncaster area. She married a Mr Turton and they lived at Bentley. There were two children.

Betty Turton, brought up by her aunt, May Polly Dean (mother's sister - not quite sure where she fits in) who lived at Mexborough and then retired to Arksey village near Bentley. She married Cliff Robinson who worked at the Plant Works in Doncaster. She retired to Sprotborough. Betty died in 1981.


Alfred Turton - no details known

Jinny remarried to Walt Simpson after Mr Turton died and they had three children:

Malcolm Simpson lives at Arksey Beryl Simpson
Jean Simpson

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Jinny Evans

donated by Lilian Severn

Believed to be Betty Turton

Donated by Lilian Evans

On to Kathleen Evans

Aunt Polly Dean

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