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Gen 3 John Thomas Edward Evans & Eliza Barrett

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John Thomas Edward Evans (Jack) was born circa 1862 in Ladybride Street, Bilston, Staffordshire (1881 census lists Sedgley and was a skilled boatbuilder (pribably barges) and moved to Mexborough at a time when the canal transportation system was being developed, in order to move the vast amounts of coal to Sheffield and Doncaster. He found employment at Waddington's Boatyard down near the canal.


Jack's brother also moved to Mexborough. He was William (Bill) Evans 1866-30 April 1936. Two of Bill's children were:

  • Alice Evans 4 May 1894 - 26 Jan 1985 married a Mr Thomas

  • Clara Edith Evans did 24 Dec 1985 married Albert Burke

Jack Evans married Eliza Barrett (who was born 21 Canal Street, Corstley 1864) at Coastley Parish Church. Eliza's mother (known as Great Grandma Barrett died aged 96). Rene gave me these dates and recalls a Great Grandma Potter.  Jack's parents died aged 88 and 86 years respectively).

Jack and Eliza lived at 37 Oliver Street, Mexborough. In 1930, at the age of 60 and when most of the children had left home, they should have been looking forward to a gentle old age in retirement. However, their son Bill's wife - Ada Severn - died of pneumonia. This was a hard time - the General Strike of 1926 was followed by the Great Depression - money was scarcer than ever before and work was hard to get. Jack and Eliza took in Ada's three children: Rene, Stan and Marian, as well as their own son, Bill. At the time, their youngest son, Frank, was still living at home. And then, just two years later, Thomas' wife, ??? died and two more children were gathered in.

Jack and Eliza (called "Granny Evans") were typical products of the Victorian age. Strict and very religious, they ruled their house according to biblical ethics. Sunday meant 3 visits to Church. No-one was allowed to work on Sunday - that meant not even cutting your nails was allowed.

Maureen recalls that "Jack had a slight Welsh accent and Granny Evans had a big organ in the front room. The house was made into a 3 up - 3 down and God help you if you moved on a Sunday. On that day you were given two books to read - the Bible and Pilgrims Progress. Granny Evans wore high-button boots, black stockings, big baggy drawers, 3 skirts under another black one that extended down to the top of her boots and a white blouse. She only ever had one coat until she was quite old. Jack was a hard drinker - consuming 18 rum and peppers before going to work, though he became timid later in life"

Jack and Granny Evans had 6 children whose histories as far as I have been able to find out are described on the next few pages:

  • John (Jack) Evans married Sarah Ann Birch. They moved to Pittsburgh, in the USA between the two World Wars. It is believed they had three children - listed below. Maureen said that Jack had a friend in Pennsylvania who promised to give the lads jobs if they had his name (Bertram).

    • John Bertram Evans who became a Presbyterian minister

    • Alfred Bertram Evans

    • Bobby Bertram Evans

  • Lilian Evans married Arthur Prosser. Lilian and Arthur had 2 children: Maureen said that they managed a club in Brickworks then a Working Man's Club in Gorton, Manchester.

    • John A Prosser born circa 1915 died 22 January 1944 - killed in Salerno, Italy. He was a batman to an officer and the jeep that he was riding in ran over a mine and exploded.

    • Ada Prosser born 1916. Maureen told me that she died of leukemia (known aspernicious anemia) aged about 17. She used to have a green cast to her face - called chloriosis. She died 17 August 1933.

    • Ernest Prosser married Helen and moved to Manchester


  • Frederick William (always known as Bill) Evans joined the Army during World War One and was a driver in the Royal Engineers (I think). He certainly looked very smart in his uniform. He married Ada Severn. Family tradition has it that the marriage wasn't approved of by Ada's parents. Maureen reports that "Ada used to teach Sunday school and was a typical lady .... but then she met that bugger Bill."


  • Thomas Evans born c 1898 and died 3 November 1978. He married a girl called Ellen Goddard born circa 1903 and died 11 May 1932. Thomas and Ellen had two children and they, together with Tom went to live with Jack and Eliza Evans for a short time. Thomas remarried to Mary Emily Wood (born circa 1903 and died 17 October 1975) Children are:

    • Thomas Evans born 26 July 1921, steeplejack, Sheffield

    • Nancy Evans born 22 July 1931 married Raymond Ellor on 26 December 1950. When her mother died, Nancy was 10 months old and moved in with her grandparents - Jack and Eliza Evans, sharing a room with her cousin Marian. Then when she was three years old, she moved in with her father and step-mother (Mary Wood) at Balby Street, Denaby. Thomas moved about quite a lot and Nancy lived in South Emsall, then back to Garden Street in Denaby and back to South Emsall. Her first job at the age of 15 was in a newspaper shop. She then worked for 1 month in Paynton and Warfield Mills, Wakefield. Following this she worked as a domestic staff member at the Leeds Infirmary, after which she moved back to Mexborough. Her father, Tom took over the management of a club in Manchester, with acts, but had to "get out quick." Nancy stayed on in Manchester with her Aunt Lily (Prosser) but in the space of a couple of weeks had to find somewhere to go. Tommy, her brother went to live with his aunt Kate (Ernest's wife). Nancy worked as a nanny, then got a job in Woolworths and lodged in Denaby. After she was married she lived at 55 Oliver Street, Mexborough. Ray died ??    Nancy's hobbies were reading, dancing, social work and organising activities for the Church she belonged to. She was a member of the Committee of the Working Men's Club. Nancy moved to Mexborough and I want to say a BIG thank you to her for her hospitality and allowing me to copy her photographs and probe her memories. Nancy and Ray's children are

      • Janice Ellor born 22 July 1952 married Cliff Davies. Children:

        • Heidi Davies born October 1971. She and her friend Jason have 2 children:

          • Alex ?? born 25 February 1967

          • Ryan ?? born 25 February 1967

      • Gail Ellor   born 8 May 1956 was an Audit Assistant and is married to Alberth Tarantiuk, a community Charge Nurse born 28 August 1954 in Fife, Scotland. They were married 31 August 1975. My thanks to Gail who invited us to her house in 1990. Since then Gail and Albert  have noved to Australia and I hope we can catch up in 2023.  Gail tole me that  ... “I was born in Mexbrough at my paternal grans house across the 'backs' from my maternal grandads Thomas Edward Evans. Several houses further down from there was my beloved Auntie Connie and Uncle Frank's house, Frank being grandad’s brother. Aged 3 our family moved to Bolton on Dearne as my dad, Raymond Ellor left his job on the railways and worked down the mine to obtain housing from the Coal Board. When I was aged 9 my dad had a win on the football pools, not huge but enough for them to buy an Off License in nearby Swinton. There I met my lifelong friend Anita and learned quite a bit about trade and business. The 11+ was still a thing and I followed my sister to Mexbrough Grammar School. Eventually, we moved back to Mexbrough when gran died and her house became my Dads. I was actually married from there but never felt comfortable there. After leaving MGS I went to the local technical college as a nursing cadet for several years prior to becoming a student nurse at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. Dept of Health was my next place of work on the admin side, suited my life at the time. My passions after family are our 2 dogs, growing things, cookery and exploring this fantastic country.Alberth and I have 2 girls:

        • Rebecca Tarantiuk b 18 January 1982, lives next door to us with her oh and 2 grandkids. She emigrated in 2009 and currently works for CBA but is doing a uni course to retrain as a nurse.

        • Kirsty Tarantiuk 31 August 1990 - sadly, our youngest daughter remains in England but hopes to come over to study when the borders reopen. Kirsty works and lives in Reading as a new home sales rep for a major building company.\


Jack died Oct 12 1942 aged 80 and Eliza died 2 December 1943 aged 79. They are buried in Mexborough Cemetary.   The South Yorkshire Times issue dated 17 October 1942 (page 10) had an advert from the family. It read:

The wife and family of the late Mr John Thomas Edward Evans desire to express their sincere thanks to Nurse Crawley and Dr Agascar for their very hard care and attention to Mr Evans during his illness. Also to all friends and neighbours of the Mexborough Reform Club for their very kind sympathy and for the many beautiful floral tributes received during their recent sad bereavement.

37 Oliver Street, Mexborough

The South Yorkshire Times issue dated 17 October 1942 (page 10) reported his funeral. It reads:

The death of Mr JTE Evans (80) of 37 Oliver Street ocurred on Monday. Mourners were:

Mrs JTE Evans (widow) Mr & Mrs A Prosser
Mr & Mrs W Evans
Mr & Mrs E Evans

Mr & Mrs T Evans Mr & Mrs F Evans Mrs W Fletcher Ernest Prosser Thomas Evans Robert Evans Mrs J Heaton

Marian Evans
Maureen, Nancy & Chrissie Evans Mr & Mrs T Donaghue
Steve, Don, Edith & Alice
Mr W Fletcher
Mrs Norton
Mr & Mrs Barrett
Mrs Chipp

Bearers were Messrs Marsden, Slater, Oxley, Haigh, Baker & Wright. Funeral arrangements were by Millwood & Sons, 105 Main Street & 24 Market Street, Mexborough. Tel 2138.

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