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Ernest Severn 1892

Ernest Severn born 29 July 1892 in Mexborough, Yorkshire and lived at 84 Church Street Mexborough.  He became a coal miner. At the outbreak of the First World War, like so many other patriotic young men, he joined the Army and served thoughout the duration.


He married Edith Thompson of Hull. Edith's father was a bargee. Ernest and Edith had 8 children, all born at Conanby.

  • Eva Severn born 22 August 1918 and married John Alderson with 2 children .She is buried in Conisbrough

    • Brian Alderson

    • John Alderson


  • Ernest Severn born 31 January 1920, married Evelyn Jackson and had 2 childen:

    • Pauline Severn

    • Keith Severn

  • Edith Severn born 25 May 1922 married Alan Codling and had 2 children.

    • Barbara Codlin

    • Geoffrey Codling


  • George Severn born 22 August 1924 married Joan Riley and had 2 children.

    • Jean Severn

    • Ann Severn


  • John Severn born May 1927 married first to Lily Danford (divorced) and second to Kath ?. There were two children:

    • Jacqueline Severn

    • Alan Severn


  • Lawrence Severn born October 1929. Developed diabetes and moved away to Hull and lost contact with the familט

  • Henry Severn born November 1932, married Constance Beasley (divorced), She has since died. They had two children:

    • Paul Severn

    • Karen Severn

  • Joseph Severn b 1935 in Mexborough.

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