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ERNEST EVANS born 23 June 1898. Ernest joined the British Army and served with the Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment aged 16. He had to lie about his age, but was accepted. His nickname of "Kuftee Evans" was gained through his prowess at looking after himself. His serial number was 241135.

Ernest has the distinction of being quite famous. During the Battle of Cambrai, he and his squaddies kicked a football across No Mans Land and followed it. What he did when he got there I have no idea but for this he received the Military Medal. . The Battle of Cambrai was the first battle that used large numbers of tanks.


My thanks to Lee Brooks of the newspaper clipping.

After the war finished he joined Rotherham Council and worked as a road sweeper.

Ernest married Rose Leather born 10 July 1899.  Ernest died 23 March 1967

Ernest Evans

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13_Evans bros.jpg

Jack, Jim and Ernest Evans circa 1946; donated by Lilian Evans

13_Rose and Ernest Evans.jpg

Rose and Ernest Evans; donated by Lilian Evans

Rose and Ernest had 5 children

Edith Evans born 27 August 1919 married Alfred Sharpe from Peterboro born 18 September 1919. They were married in the summer of 1940.  Alf was in the RAF and was a glider pilot and later in life lived at 1, Northfield Avenue, Rawmarsh. Edith died 15 Sep 2008. Their children were:

  • Raymond Sharpe

  • Peter Sharpe

  • Barry Sharpe

  • Patricia Sharpe

  • Carol Sharpe

Edith Sharpe

Betty Evans born 11 August 1923. She made her dad proud and joined the WAAF in 1942 and was a Leading Aircraftwoman. . She was educated at Ashwood Road School and was later employed by Mr. Bailey of Parkgate. . She  married Phillip Watts of Parkgate. Betty and Phillip kept a fish and chip shop at Parkgate. Children:

  • Peter Watts died aged 21

  • Trevor Watts

  • Jeffery Watts

  • David Watts

Gwendoline Evans born 20 January 1926. She was educated at Haugh Road school, then worked at Wm Cooke and Co of Tinsley. During the war, Gwen joined the forestry section of the Women's Land Army in April 1943. After the war, she married Ken Andrews from York. Ken was/is a farmer. Their children:

  • Tina Rose Lily Andrews

  • Alan Andrews

  • James Ernest Andrews

Albert Evans born 16 April 1924 married Marian ? Albert and Marian divorced and he later remarried Hazell. Children:

  • Duncan Roderick Evans born 23 June 1959

Ernest Evans named after his father, born 4 August 1931. He married Margaret ?. He died in 1992.  Their children are:

  • Jane Evans

  • David Evans

Edith Sharpe. Donated by Carol Johnson

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